Learn More About Newdea

Newdea provides a grantor-supported information platform to identify, measure and communicate program-level results to all constituents in the philanthropic market. Key constituents include nonprofits, grantors including foundations, corporations, and government agencies.

By connecting the industry's key constituents through results-based information, the Newdea Platform supports maximizing impact through collaboration.

Why is this foundation using Newdea for online grant applications?

With Newdea's online grant application service, foundations can provide grant applicants an easy and automated way to apply for their grants. But, that's just the beginning. Newdea also equips foundations with online solutions for reviewing, awarding and then tracking the performance of their grants once funded.

What does this mean for my nonprofit organization?

When a foundation uses Newdea for grant applications and performance tracking, it has opened the door for its grantees to participate in the evaluation and communication of their programs. This can be in the form of one of Newdea's nonprofit program management solutions, and in many cases, the foundation will even include the license fee for a Newdea nonprofit solution with the awarded grant.

In order for the foundation to successfully track the performance of its grants, its grantees need a way to track progress at the program level. The Newdea Platform makes the results that your nonprofit inputs and publishes visible to the foundation through the foundation solution for easy sharing and communicating of information.

Because your initial grant application information is saved through the online grant application process, your organization will already have basic information available in the Newdea Platform — making it easy to start managing, evaluating and communicating results when you sign up for one of Newdea's nonprofit program management solutions.

Can my organization sign up for a Newdea program management solution without a foundation's grant?

Absolutely. Newdea has nonprofit solutions to serve the needs of nonprofits of all reporting capabilities, sizes, and budgets. Contact a Newdea representative today to learn more.